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Embracing Tiny Living: Top Tiny Home Resources in Colorado

Colorado, known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor lifestyle, is also becoming a hotspot for the tiny house movement. Whether you’re already a tiny homeowner, considering becoming one, or just curious, this guide will navigate through the best resources in the state, from builders to communities and legal advice.

1. Tiny House Builders in Colorado

  1. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses: Based in Durango, they offer custom tiny homes that are rugged and meant for the Colorado lifestyle. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
  2. SimBLISSity Tiny Homes: Located in Lyons, SimBLISSity offers beautifully crafted tiny homes that focus on sustainability and quality. SimBLISSity Tiny Homes
  3. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company: One of the most recognized names in the tiny house industry, they provide detailed plans and complete homes with various customization options. Tumbleweed
  4. Sprout Tiny Homes: Sprout designs and builds tiny homes that are eco-friendly and efficient, located in La Junta. Sprout Tiny Homes
  5. Einstyne Tiny Homes: Specializing in custom tiny homes, they are known for their innovative designs and are based in Wheat Ridge. Einstyne Tiny Homes

2. Tiny Home Communities

  1. Peak View Park: Located in Woodland Park, this community offers plots for tiny homes with spectacular views of Pikes Peak. Peak View Park
  2. Escalante Village: A tiny home community in Durango, focusing on creating a neighborhood feel for residents. Escalante Village
  3. River View at Cleora: Situated near Salida, this community provides a space for tiny homeowners looking for a permanent place to park and live. River View at Cleora
  4. The Village at Flatrock, NC: A spot that promotes minimal living in a beautiful setting. Though not in Colorado, it’s a great example of a successful community nearby. The Village at Flatrock
  1. Colorado Tiny House Association: A great resource for the latest in zoning laws and building regulations specific to tiny houses in Colorado. Colorado Tiny House Association
  2. American Tiny House Association: Check out their Colorado section for detailed information on codes and foundations legalities. American Tiny House Association – Colorado

4. Workshops and Educational Resources

  1. Tiny Home Industry Association: They offer workshops and educational seminars on building and living in tiny homes. Tiny Home Industry Association
  2. Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops: Learn directly from experts with hands-on experience in designing and building tiny homes. Tumbleweed Workshops

5. Funding and Financing

  1. SoFi: They offer personal loans that can be used for purchasing or building tiny homes. SoFi Loans
  2. LightStream: Specializing in loans for almost any need, including tiny house financing. LightStream

6. Blogs and Online Communities

  1. Tiny House Colorado Facebook Group: A community where you can connect with other tiny house enthusiasts in the state. Facebook Group
  2. Tiny House Talk: Provides a wealth of articles, guides, and how-to tips for tiny house living. Tiny House Talk

7. Events and Gatherings

  1. Colorado Tiny House Festival: Annual event where you can tour tiny houses, attend seminars, and meet builders and vendors. Colorado Tiny House Festival
  2. The People’s Tiny House Festival: Another festival that celebrates the tiny house lifestyle, featuring speakers, workshops, and plenty of homes to tour. The People’s Tiny House Festival

8. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Resources

  1. EcoCabins: Colorado-based company that provides sustainable, eco-friendly housing solutions including tiny homes. EcoCabins
  2. Colorado Green Building Guild: An association of building professionals dedicated to promoting healthier, resource-efficient homes. CGBG

9. Tiny House Rentals for Test Living

  1. WeeCasa Tiny House Resort: Located in Lyons, it’s a great way to experience tiny living before committing. WeeCasa
  2. Airbnb Tiny Homes in Colorado: Various listings across the state that allow you to experience tiny living short-term. Airbnb

10. DIY Resources and Hardware

  1. Tiny House Building Supply: Provides all the necessary materials and advice needed for DIY tiny house projects. Tiny House Building Supply
  2. ReStore by Habitat for Humanity: Great for finding building materials at a lower cost; check Colorado locations for availability. ReStore

Whether you’re building from scratch, buying a pre-built model, or just exploring the lifestyle, Colorado’s tiny house resources offer something for everyone. With this guide, your journey towards tiny living is sure to be a little easier and a lot more exciting.

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