Exploring the Cozy World of Tiny Homes: Lindsay’s 32 Ft Goose Neck Tiny Home Tour


Embark on a virtual journey through the 32 Ft Goose Neck Tiny Home, a cozy abode filled with innovative design features and thoughtful touches. Join us as we explore every nook and cranny of this compact living space.

Introduction to the 32 Ft Long Goose Neck Tiny Home

The 32-foot gooseneck tiny home presents a compact yet luxurious living space, offering a fully furnished interior designed to cater to various accommodation needs. As visitors step inside, they are welcomed by an efficiently laid out kitchen featuring a multi-functional table suitable for seating up to six individuals. The kitchen area is equipped with upper cabinets, a four-burner gas stove, and ample storage for kitchen essentials such as pots, pans, and utensils.

Transitioning from the kitchen, the living room in this tiny home showcases custom-made furniture that includes a cozy couch and a versatile cabinet that serves both as a table and storage unit. This clever use of space ensures that every area within the tiny home is utilized to its fullest potential.

One of the standout features of the tiny home is its modern bathroom, complete with amenities like a steel tub, a flush toilet, and a medicine cabinet illuminated with LED lighting. The loft area above the main living space offers a snug sleeping spot with a queen-sized bed and convenient open shelves for storing personal belongings.

Within the gooseneck section of the tiny home, occupants will find a neatly designed closet, a functional workspace furnished with a file cabinet, and an additional bedroom accessed via a unique barn door. These features enhance the overall livability and functionality of the tiny home, maximizing comfort and convenience for its residents.

Other notable aspects of this tiny home include a full-size refrigerator, an on-demand hot water system to ensure efficient water heating, and energy-efficient solutions for heating and cooling. Having embarked on a journey from California to Texas, then Colorado, before returning, this tiny home has primarily served as a rental property in San Diego, showcasing its versatility and mobility as a compact living solution.

With its thoughtful design elements, practical layout, and stylish interior finishes, the 32 Ft Goose Neck Tiny Home offers a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, creating an inviting living environment for those seeking a unique and cozy lifestyle experience.


Kitchen and Dining Area

The 32-foot gooseneck tiny home boasts a thoughtfully designed kitchen and dining area, providing a functional and stylish space for its occupants. Let’s explore the key features that make this area a highlight of the tiny home:

  • Multi-functional Table for Dining: Upon entering the tiny home, visitors are welcomed by a well-equipped kitchen that includes a unique two-step multi-function table. This innovative piece of furniture can comfortably seat up to six people, making it perfect for dining or even as a versatile workspace for various activities.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen with Gas Stove and Cabinets: The kitchen in the tiny home is equipped with all the essentials for a convenient cooking experience. It features upper cabinets that provide ample storage space for cookware, a four-burner gas stove for culinary endeavors, and additional storage for pots, pans, and utensils. Whether guests are whipping up a quick meal or preparing a feast, this kitchen is up to the task.
  • Inclusion of Kitchen Essentials for Airbnb Guests: To ensure that Airbnb guests have a comfortable stay, the kitchen is stocked with essential items. From cookware to utensils, guests will find everything they need to prepare and enjoy meals during their visit. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the overall experience for those staying in the tiny home.

Overall, the kitchen and dining area in the 32-foot gooseneck tiny home combine functionality and style to create a welcoming space for cooking, dining, and gathering. Whether guests are enjoying a meal together at the multi-functional table, cooking up a storm on the gas stove, or simply relaxing in this well-equipped area, they are sure to appreciate the attention to detail and thoughtful design of this essential space.


Living Room and Custom Furniture

The 32-foot gooseneck tiny home offers a unique living experience with its fully furnished interior, catering to various needs. Upon stepping inside, guests are welcomed by a well-appointed kitchen featuring a two-step multi-function table capable of seating up to six individuals. The kitchen is equipped with upper cabinets, a four-burner gas stove, and ample storage space for cookware and utensils. The living room showcases custom furniture, including a cozy couch and a versatile cabinet that serves as both a table and storage unit.

Artistic touches and comfortable seating arrangements play a key role in enhancing the ambiance of the living room. The inclusion of carefully chosen artwork adds character and personality to the space, creating a visually appealing environment for relaxation and socializing. Plush seating options, such as a comfortable couch and upholstered chairs, ensure that occupants can unwind and entertain guests with ease.

Functionality is a crucial aspect of designing a living room, especially in a compact space like a tiny home. To maximize utility, convertible furniture pieces are employed to offer dual functionality. Items such as a coffee table that transforms into a dining table or a sofa that converts into a bed provide flexible solutions for different needs. These innovative furniture pieces not only save space but also add practicality to the living room.

  • Custom-made Cabinet and Storage Solutions: Custom-built cabinets and storage solutions are integrated into the living room design to optimize space and organize belongings efficiently. These bespoke storage units are tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the tiny home, ensuring a seamless and clutter-free environment.
  • Inclusion of Artwork and Comfortable Seating: The living room is adorned with carefully selected artwork that reflects the occupants’ taste and style. Comfortable seating options, such as a plush couch and accent chairs, provide a cozy setting for relaxation and social gatherings.
  • Convertible Furniture for Added Functionality: To enhance the versatility of the living room, convertible furniture pieces are incorporated to serve dual purposes. From sofa beds to extendable tables, these multifunctional items offer practical solutions for optimizing space in a tiny home setting.

The thoughtful combination of custom-made cabinet and storage solutions, the integration of artwork and comfortable seating, and the use of convertible furniture in the living room contribute to creating a harmonious and functional living space within the constraints of a tiny home.


Bathroom Features and Design

In the realm of modern home design, the bathroom holds a special place as a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. The features and design choices made in this space can significantly impact the overall ambiance and functionality of a home. Let’s delve into the key highlights of a well-designed bathroom that integrates modern elements seamlessly.

Modern Bathroom with Steel Tub and Plastic Surround

One of the focal points of a modern bathroom is the incorporation of sleek and contemporary fixtures. Imagine stepping into a bathroom adorned with a steel tub that exudes sophistication and durability. Paired with a plastic surround, this setup not only offers a visually appealing aesthetic but also ensures easy maintenance and longevity. The seamless blend of steel and plastic creates a harmonious environment that is both chic and practical.

Innovative Storage Solutions and Lighting Features

Storage is a crucial aspect of any well-designed bathroom, and innovative solutions can enhance both functionality and style. Imagine cabinets and shelves strategically placed to optimize space and keep essentials organized. Lighting also plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and highlighting design elements. Imagine soft ambient lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding after a long day. By incorporating innovative storage solutions and thoughtful lighting features, a modern bathroom can elevate the user experience to new heights.

Eco-Friendly Toilet and Vanity Area

As sustainability becomes an increasingly vital consideration in home design, eco-friendly features are gaining popularity in bathrooms. Picture a toilet and vanity area designed with eco-conscious materials and technologies. Water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting not only reduce environmental impact but also contribute to cost savings in the long run. With a focus on sustainability, a bathroom can be transformed into a space that aligns with eco-friendly principles without compromising on style or comfort.


Loft Bedroom and Storage Solutions

When it comes to optimizing space in a loft bedroom, the key elements to consider are accessibility, safety features, storage options, and versatile furniture. Let’s delve into these essential aspects to make the most of your loft living experience.

Access to the Loft Bedroom and Safety Features

Accessing a loft bedroom can sometimes be a challenge, especially in smaller spaces. It is crucial to ensure that the access point, whether it’s a ladder, staircase, or loft bed frame, is sturdy and safe for regular use. Safety features such as guardrails or handrails are essential to prevent accidents, especially if the loft is located at a significant height.

Additionally, adequate lighting near the access point and within the loft itself can enhance safety and make the space more functional. Installing motion-sensor lights can be a practical solution for illuminating the path to the loft during nighttime.

Storage Options and Organization in the Loft

Efficient storage solutions are essential in a loft bedroom to maximize the use of available space. Utilizing vertical storage such as wall-mounted shelves, hanging organizers, and under-bed storage can help keep the area clutter-free. Consider incorporating multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans or bed frames with built-in drawers for added convenience.

Organizing belongings in the loft is key to maintaining a visually appealing and functional space. Implementing storage containers, labeling systems, and designated storage areas for specific items can streamline organization and make it easier to find things when needed.

Transformative Furniture for Versatile Use

Transformative furniture plays a crucial role in making a loft bedroom versatile and adaptable to different needs. Look for furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, such as a sofa bed for seating and sleeping or a coffee table that can be extended into a dining table. These pieces can help optimize space in a loft and provide flexibility for various activities.

Consider investing in modular furniture that can be rearranged to create different layouts based on the function required. Folding desks, nesting tables, and convertible chairs are excellent options for maximizing the usability of a loft bedroom without overcrowding the space.

Incorporating these elements – accessible entryways, safety features, smart storage solutions, and transformative furniture – can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a loft bedroom. By carefully planning and organizing the space, loft living can be both practical and enjoyable for individuals seeking a unique and efficient living environment.


Unique Features of the Goose Neck Section

The 32-foot gooseneck tiny home features a well-thought-out and fully furnished interior, providing an ideal living space to cater to various needs and preferences. As visitors step inside, they are welcomed by a functional and stylish kitchen area equipped with innovative design elements tailored for modern living.

The kitchen is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a two-step multi-function table that can comfortably accommodate up to six individuals. Additionally, the kitchen space includes practical upper cabinets, a four-burner gas stove for cooking needs, and ample storage solutions to neatly organize pots, pans, and utensils for easy access and efficient use.

The living room exudes a sense of luxury and functionality with custom furniture pieces, including a cozy couch and a versatile cabinet that serves both as a table and a storage unit. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every inch of space is utilized effectively, providing a harmonious blend of comfort and practicality.

Moreover, the bathroom in this tiny home is outfitted with modern amenities, such as a steel tub for relaxation, a flush toilet for convenience, and a medicine cabinet with LED lighting for added sophistication. The loft area offers a snug sleeping space with a queen-sized bed and open shelves for storage, creating a cozy retreat within the tiny home.

The gooseneck section of the home presents functional features, including a closet for storage, a dedicated workspace with a file cabinet for productivity, and a second bedroom with a unique barn door for privacy and style. These design elements enhance the overall appeal of the tiny home, making it a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics.

Additional amenities of this tiny home include a full-size fridge for storing perishables, an on-demand hot water system for efficiency, and energy-efficient heating and cooling options for year-round comfort. The home’s versatility is showcased through its travels from California to Texas to Colorado and back, primarily serving as a rental property in San Diego.

With its innovative design elements, off-grid capabilities, solar power setup, functional storage solutions, and additional amenities, this tiny home stands out as a testament to thoughtful design and sustainable living practices. It offers occupants a comfortable and stylish living environment, showcasing the endless possibilities of minimalist living without compromising on comfort and functionality.


The 32-foot gooseneck tiny home impresses with its fully furnished interior, innovative kitchen design, modern amenities in the bathroom, functional living spaces, and additional features such as off-grid capabilities and energy-efficient solutions. The home’s thoughtful layout and stylish touches create a comfortable and sustainable living environment for its occupants.

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