Tiny House Tales Podcast

Tiny House Tales Podcast

I am excited to announce a new Tiny House Podcast called Tiny House Tales.

Join your hosts Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth, known from the popular show
“Tiny House Nation,” as they give listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the absolute joys and inherent challenges of living tiny.

Together they seek to unlock the successful strategies for minimalist living and learn more about how tiny living has made a big impact on people’s lives while being entertaining and

Tiny House Tales is mandatory listening for anyone who has ever dreamed of downsizing or has simply craved a more simple lifestyle.

In the first episode of Tiny House Tales, John, and Zack sit down with Tiny House Nation’s favorite, Gavin Brennan, to talk about the tiny house movement, experiences on the show, and some of his stories being a filmmaker in the wild.

Gavin is also a filmmaker and world renown director of photography. You can follow Gavin’s works at https://www.gavincamera.com

To listen to the podcast search your favorite Podcast player in Google or Apple for Tiny House Tales. Here is the Apple link as that is what I use.

Tiny House Tales

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