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This gorgeous tiny house was built in July 2018, by Free Spirit Tiny Homes in Chapel Hill, NC. It is not RVIA or NOAH certified, but was built by standard housing codes that the build company follows. It was built on a 8.5 x 30 ft Trailer Made trailer, about 320 square feet (including loft). Designed to provide lots of natural light and open space, with a Caribbean vibe and a cool circular front window!

This house has one big L shaped loft that can be used all for storage, or a mix of storage and loft bedroom. The room below the loft can also be used as a closet/storage area or a mix of a downstairs bedroom (with pocket door with full length mirrors) and closet, or as an office or music studio. Whatever you want it to be! Bathroom with shower and Nature’s Head compost toilet and large storage cabinet. Kitchen has lots of cabinets, a large sink, convection/microwave oven combo, induction cook top, medium sized refrigerator with freezer, and a washer/dryer combo. Very large living room with TV wall mount, floating box shelves on the wall, and a large L shaped Ikea couch with a large storage compartment underneath and pulls out into a queen sized bed!

This tiny house has RV style hook-ups, set up for 50 amps, but has run on 30 amps and not even close to maxing out with everything running. Propane on-demand hot water. Mini split unit for heating and cooling very efficiently and quickly. External coax connection for internet and cable.

We are currently living in this house, but we are more than happy to have anyone seriously interested in purchasing it come and take a look. Let me know and we can easily schedule a tour!

*This house does not include land. It is currently parked on a rented spot in a field (as pictured) about 12 minutes north of downtown Durham. It can be moved from the current spot, or speak to the owner of the land about continued renting on property. The house has been on this spot for 4 years, so I cannot speak for the landowner about what the current rental price would be, you would have to speak to them directly.*

**We are NOT looking to rent out the house or any lease options. We are not a business, we’re just a couple trying to sell our house because we cannot take it where we are moving. We have no way of guaranteeing payments so unfortunately due to scams, we cannot offer any type of slow payment plan or financing. **