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Help a Tiny Home Family Survive Tragedy

I’m writing today to share about a tiny home family of three in need of help to survive a recent tragedy. The truly inspirational Hirth family is devastated by a recent horrific accident that has left them overwhelmed and in a financial world of hurt. Also, they’re heartbroken because they … Read more

Tiny Home Family of 4 creating Financial Freedom

Kendra, Josh, Leah, and Aspen are a tiny home family of 4 living in a 270-square-foot house on wheels. For them, this provides a priceless stepping-stone to traditional homeownership. They share how their tiny home on wheels helped them gain financial freedom over the past 3.5 years: “We were struggling with … Read more

They Downsized into a Family-Size Tiny House

The Eusebes downsized into a family-size tiny house as a lifestyle reset. More quality time together was a top goal. After selling their 2500 square foot house, they said goodbye to their mortgage and hello to adventure! They created a five-year plan to live in five states over the next … Read more

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