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How to Build Stunning Tiny Homes

TruForm Tiny, based in Eugene, Oregon, builds stunning tiny homes, from luxury park models to more compact budget-friendly tiny houses on wheels. Co-owners Malia and Jen’s passion for their work manifests in an extensive design/build process. They also prioritize high-quality materials and construction methods. As you might imagine, that’s reflected … Read more

Innovative CNC-Cut Tiny Houses

Atomic Homes burst onto the tiny home scene during the pandemic with CNC-cut tiny houses. Owners Daniel and Chloe brought cutting-edge technology from their long history doing production design work for the entertainment industry. In 2020, when live event work vanished, they searched for new opportunities to keep their skilled … Read more

One Tiny House Builder Scammed Her & Another Saved Her

Sofia, a 23-year-old tiny homeowner, is thriving in Los Angeles. But her journey began as a nightmare because of Holy Ground Tiny Homes. They took $40,000 from her but never produced a tiny home. Unfortunately, she’s one of over 200 customers who lost a total of 6 million dollars to … Read more

Living the Tiny House Dream on His Waterfront Land

Have you ever thought about downsizing and simplifying your life? Well, Lawrence did, and he did it in a big way – by going tiny and ultimately settling onto his own waterfront land on the Puget Sound in Washington. Lawrence’s tiny house is a true reflection of his personality and … Read more

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