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Tiny Home Frame Kits from Home Depot

One of the largest home improvement stores in the U.S. has also gone tiny. Home Depot sells and delivers tiny home frame kits directly from its website. These homes are also an affordable way to get a head start on a tiny house. The tiny homes by Home Depot come … Read more

Unleash Your Inner Tiny House Designer: Must-Have Toolbox

Imagine being able to design your tiny house easily, almost like you were playing with blocks. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you that we have just the thing for you: a tiny house design toolbox that offers a vast array of possible tiny house forms for … Read more

AAA Tiny Homes on Maui Offering Emergency Housing

The devastating wildfires on Maui left thousands of people homeless. Many are still waiting for temporary housing to be built. The Upcountry is an expandable tiny home. AAA Tiny Homes in Lahaina is offering one of their models, the Upcountry, as emergency housing. The cost of the 400 square foot … Read more

House hacking: The new way to own a home

If the new year were to have a new term, that would be house hacking. The word “hacking” is synonymous with breaking into computers or computer software, but has been added to our lexicon in other ways. The word “hack” is also another word for “manipulate”, or to deal with … Read more

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