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Her 44 ft Tiny House with Rooftop Deck & 6 pets!

Animal lover Janet loves living in her 44 ft tiny house with a rooftop deck with her 6 pets—2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 birds! She worked with her builder, Indigo River Tiny Homes, to customize it to meet all of their needs. Amazingly, it accomplishes it all without sacrificing … Read more

One Tiny House Builder Scammed Her & Another Saved Her

Sofia, a 23-year-old tiny homeowner, is thriving in Los Angeles. But her journey began as a nightmare because of Holy Ground Tiny Homes. They took $40,000 from her but never produced a tiny home. Unfortunately, she’s one of over 200 customers who lost a total of 6 million dollars to … Read more

Disney Fan’s Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Passionate Disney fan Kathleen lives in a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom. The design and decor theme comes Beauty and the Beast. Like her favorite character, Belle, she loves reading, adventure, and simple pleasures. Her tiny house is vibrant blue with white trim—a nod to Belle’s blue provincial dress … Read more

Educator’s Unique Tiny House with a Standing Loft

Special educator Nikki lives in a unique tiny house with a standing loft. It has a practical layout with distinct living spaces that easily accommodate her three large dogs and working from home. She loves her home, but there are still things she would change. “I put a lot of … Read more

Widow starts over in dual Tiny House Art Studio

Newly widowed, Barbara started a fresh chapter in a dual tiny house art studio. She’s had a growing interest in tiny living since she stumbled across Boxabl. But Barbara wasn’t ready to try out the lifestyle until the tragic passing of her husband of 30 years. He encouraged her to … Read more

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