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What Makes a Good Me Shed?

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read was “A Place of My Own” by renowned author Michael Pollan. The book documents Pollan’s desire for a little structure of his own where he could read, write, and daydream. He also wanted to build the place with his own two … Read more

21 Homesteading Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

I have no regrets about my decision to build a homestead many years ago, but I do wish that someone had shared these simple homesteading tips with me when I was just getting started. Whether your homestead is in an urban backyard or on a large plot of land in the country, modern homesteading is surprisingly nuanced. Let’s make it simple again by exploring these 21 tips I wish I’d heard before I started homesteading.

200 Practical Homesteading Skills For The Modern Homesteader

When I started my own homesteading adventure on my land, I had no idea that there were anywhere near 200 homesteading skills for me to learn. But I started making a list, and with every passing year, I’ve found more practical homesteading skills to add to it. Each one of these skills makes life more interesting, and my homestead runs a little more smoothly.

The Complete Winter Vegetables Chart: What To Plant In Winter

As mild as North Carolina winters tend to be, I have to take extra care when I’m considering what to plant in winter and how to best take care of winter vegetable seedlings once they’re in the dirt. If you’ve been gardening or homesteading for any length of time, chances are you’re wondering about the possibilities of growing fresh produce even when the weather gets colder. You’re not alone, as we homesteaders like to grow our own food regardless of the weather.

The Clever Homesteader’s Guide To What To Plant In December

I love tackling the question of what to plant in December because many newbie gardeners don’t realize the potential for growing fresh veggies even through the colder months. If I can help more fellow homesteaders extend their growing seasons and reap larger, longer harvests, it’s honestly a mission accomplished for me.

What To Plant In January: A Guide To Cold Weather Crops

Since winters in North Carolina tend to be mild, figuring out what to plant in January wasn’t as difficult for me as it can be for those in colder climates. Even so, understanding what plants thrive in cooler temperatures and what seedlings I could start for upcoming months leveled up my gardening skills.

What To Plant In June: Sowing Summer Seeds And Sprouts

Knowing what to plant in June is key to having successful harvests later in the year — it’s one of the busiest months for homesteaders and farmers to get things in the ground. Whether you’ve been starting seeds inside, or haven’t planned ahead, it’s not too late to plant a garden that produces great yields for the next several months.

Get Growing! A Simple Guide For What To Plant In May

Over my years of homesteading, I’ve learned that the range of what you can plant in May is pretty impressive, whether you’re a newbie to gardening or a green thumb looking for some variety. I’d suggest planting a May vegetable garden to just about anyone — with the mild weather and late spring rain, you’re starting out with nature on your side.

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