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Amazing DIY Tiny House on Urban Homestead

Sarah and Kevin built an amazing DIY tiny house. It’s located in the backyard of a small home in Portland, Oregon. Their 295-square-foot home offers spacious single-floor living with the help of its 10-foot width. Impressively, Kevin and Sarah captured their love for Victorian houses and farmhouses throughout their design. … Read more

Tiny House parked on an Island! She built it for $40k

What’s dreamier than a tiny house parked on an island? Maybe equally as charming, one parked in the Rocky Mountains. DIY builder Jillian built her home on wheels with help of friends at an elevation of 8,519 feet in Colorado. Then she took it on a road trip to Washington. After … Read more

They downsized into 300 sqft Tiny Home for freedom

“Seniors” Jim and Kathi have lived in their 300 sqft tiny home on wheels for the last six years to create more freedom. This means living in their ideal location, enjoying more expendable income, and having more time to pursue their hobbies. Their 28-foot-long THOW cost about $65,000. It was … Read more

AMAZING Tiny Home on a Foundation

Christo built an amazing tiny home on a foundation using mostly reclaimed wood and salvaged and recycled materials. Initially, he planned to build on wheels but had to pivot when the zoning of his land in Asheville, North Carolina, changed. On the bright side, this allowed him to build wider … Read more

Art Teacher’s Tiny House with Amazing Storage

Art teacher, Tina built a tiny house with her husband several years ago in Pennsylvania. It’s been a multi-use space—art studio, rental, and traveling home for teaching contracts in different towns. Though her tiny home is only 160 square feet, it features an amazing amount of storage and comfortable living … Read more

She built a $20k Tiny House with her Dad

As a law student, Jessica built a $20k tiny house with her Dad over three and a half years. All in all, they’re both exceptionally proud of the home, completed in 2021. It offered a wonderful bonding experience. But initially, it took quite a bit of convincing to get her … Read more

Retiree Helped Build Her Own Affordable Tiny House

Retiree Cheryl has lived in her cute tiny house for seven years in two different communities. Her journey began at the one-of-a-kind workshop by Incredible Tiny Homes. They built her an affordable shell. Then, they mentored Cheryl and a group of friends to finish as much of the interior as … Read more

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