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Bellingham’s Big Freedom Tiny Homes Build by Hand

Handcrafted by the owner, each of these Washington homes features a unique mix of high-end finishes and personal touches in optimized spaces. Big Freedom Tiny Homes are handcrafted in Bellingham, Washington. Big Freedom Tiny Homes was founded and is run by Shannon Black. He began his self-taught business in Taos, … Read more

ÖÖD House: Space-Age Meets Scandi Style

Fully bringing in nature while still creating optimal shelter was the impetus for the ÖÖD House. The ÖÖD House has three mirrored walls. Designed by Jaak and Andreas Tiik from Estonia, this unique tiny house nearly disappears into any landscape due to its mirrored walls. The Tiik brothers wanted to … Read more

The South Korean Officetel

Various countries around the world that have higher population densities have come up with some creative ways to house their residents. Whether it’s the micro apartments in Seattle or the Spilytus in Tokyo these little efficiency apartments have some great ideas that can be utilized in other small living spaces. … Read more

Japanese company prints tiny homes for the cost of a new car

The country that created modern, affordable automobile automation is now doing the same for homes. Serendix, a Japanese construction company is 3-D printing tiny homes for relatively the same price as a new car. The Fujitsubo house contains one bedroom within its 538 square feet. The company’s prototype, the Fujitsubo … Read more

Stuff these days is junky

No, you are not imagining it. Modern-day items are pretty crappy.  Crappy and expensive. I recently watched a YouTube video by Mina Le titled “clothes are so much worse now”. She uses the history of the Aran sweater and a famous Billy Crystal photo to discuss why clothes have lost … Read more

Module Creates Infill and ADU Homes in Pittsburgh

The use of ADUs to create affordable living and urban infill in cities is catching on. Along with California and Oregon, other cities are seeing the benefit of adding tiny homes to existing backyards. Module has two ADU models for sale. Photos by Module The city of Pittsburgh adopted an … Read more

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