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21 Homesteading Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

I have no regrets about my decision to build a homestead many years ago, but I do wish that someone had shared these simple homesteading tips with me when I was just getting started. Whether your homestead is in an urban backyard or on a large plot of land in the country, modern homesteading is surprisingly nuanced. Let’s make it simple again by exploring these 21 tips I wish I’d heard before I started homesteading.

200 Practical Homesteading Skills For The Modern Homesteader

When I started my own homesteading adventure on my land, I had no idea that there were anywhere near 200 homesteading skills for me to learn. But I started making a list, and with every passing year, I’ve found more practical homesteading skills to add to it. Each one of these skills makes life more interesting, and my homestead runs a little more smoothly.

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