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Tiny Home Frame Kits from Home Depot

One of the largest home improvement stores in the U.S. has also gone tiny. Home Depot sells and delivers tiny home frame kits directly from its website. These homes are also an affordable way to get a head start on a tiny house. The tiny homes by Home Depot come … Read more

Advocating for Multigen Housing

The typical American dream of a couple with 2.5 children and a dog in a typical American home is fast becoming a fantasy. The real dream is making sure that that typical American home has enough room for aging parents, teens and their growing needs, renters, single mothers or fathers … Read more

ÖÖD House: Space-Age Meets Scandi Style

Fully bringing in nature while still creating optimal shelter was the impetus for the ÖÖD House. The ÖÖD House has three mirrored walls. Designed by Jaak and Andreas Tiik from Estonia, this unique tiny house nearly disappears into any landscape due to its mirrored walls. The Tiik brothers wanted to … Read more

New Video Series: Going Tiny with AARP

While the tiny house market is a fairly new one, nearly 40 percent of people who own tiny homes are over the age of 50. However, the resources for these buyers are few and far between. AARP has caught onto the trend of more mature people going tiny and is … Read more

Anchored Tiny Homes ADUs Offered as a Franchise

With more cities and municipalities allowing for the building of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), the demand for these tiny backyard homes is increasing quickly. One ADU company has plans to not only build in its native California, but to expand ADU living around the U.S. Anchored Tiny Homes builds studios, … Read more

Module Creates Infill and ADU Homes in Pittsburgh

The use of ADUs to create affordable living and urban infill in cities is catching on. Along with California and Oregon, other cities are seeing the benefit of adding tiny homes to existing backyards. Module has two ADU models for sale. Photos by Module The city of Pittsburgh adopted an … Read more

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