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Couple’s Side by Side Tiny Houses

Elisa and Ryk are a happily married couple who live in side by side tiny houses. They’re parked next to each other with a shared yard at an RV/THOW community in Welches, Oregon. Impressively, even with two homes and double the lot rent, plus utilities, they still save $600 per … Read more

They downsized into 300 sqft Tiny Home for freedom

“Seniors” Jim and Kathi have lived in their 300 sqft tiny home on wheels for the last six years to create more freedom. This means living in their ideal location, enjoying more expendable income, and having more time to pursue their hobbies. Their 28-foot-long THOW cost about $65,000. It was … Read more

Disney Fan’s Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Passionate Disney fan Kathleen lives in a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom. The design and decor theme comes Beauty and the Beast. Like her favorite character, Belle, she loves reading, adventure, and simple pleasures. Her tiny house is vibrant blue with white trim—a nod to Belle’s blue provincial dress … Read more

Living the Tiny House Dream on His Waterfront Land

Have you ever thought about downsizing and simplifying your life? Well, Lawrence did, and he did it in a big way – by going tiny and ultimately settling onto his own waterfront land on the Puget Sound in Washington. Lawrence’s tiny house is a true reflection of his personality and … Read more

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