Simple Concept to Tiny Construction

Simple Concept to Tiny Construction

My first tiny home experience was certainly met with apprehension along with excitement of the unknown of a 204 sf home. I’ve always lived in a large home with more stuff than 8 men could ever use!

I’ve been a collector of unique trinkets for most of my adult life and wasn’t sure if I could part with my trinkets let alone my large workshop with everything you could possibly need in life.

But yet deep inside I yearned for a more simplistic life, a life without the corporate chase or the impatient society that we find ourselves smothered in on a daily basis. So the dream begins to turn into reality!

my needs. On my last trip I built the Murphy bed that gave me an extra 30sf for daytime use. Very handy since Rex my 98 lb Shepard likes to stretch out! I’ll be installing my self composting stool this winter along with the solar panels that will turn this off the grid home into a perfect residence for literally pennies a day to operate.

After spending the winter there I learned a few things about who I am and what I require in life to sustain. You really can live without all the amenities of the city. I found that living simple actually is much healthier in every aspect. For example one day in January we had 87 mph winds on my ranch, unfortunately it sent my outhouse for a ride down the hill. Well at 50 yrs old and a 400lb building laying at the bottom of the hill.. It’ll make you pause.. Idea! I knew when I went on this venture I was going to do as much as possible the way my grandfather would have done it.

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