Living the Tiny House Dream on His Waterfront Land

Living the Tiny House Dream on His Waterfront Land

Have you ever thought about downsizing and simplifying your life? Well, Lawrence did, and he did it in a big way – by going tiny and ultimately settling onto his own waterfront land on the Puget Sound in Washington. Lawrence’s tiny house is a true reflection of his personality and values.  But he had a wild ride along the way.

Lawerance first built a 16-foot tiny house on wheels. Unfortunately, while relocating to Nevada, he got caught in a snowstorm. He left it at a truck stop, with the permission of the manager, wit the plan to return after the storm passed. But during that time, it was stolen. Many of his belongings were taken, and the house was completely stripped for parts. Luckily, it was recovered. This experience, while terrible, ultimately led Lawerance to where he is today. For that, he is grateful.

Despite the challenges, Lawrence’s journey to tiny living has been incredibly rewarding. He found a 28-foot tiny house shell on, built by a father-son duo. It cost around $17,000, and after finishing it out, the total came to around $30,000.

Inside the tiny house, there are a few features that really stand out in this 360-square-foot living space. For starters, it there are transom windows that let in plenty of natural light. Lawrence has also installed smart lights that can be controlled through Google voice command, making it easy to adjust the lighting to fit any mood.

Lawerance made room for a workstation nook with a spacious desktop made with live edge wood. He loves working from home here. The area is designed with comfortable seating and a view of the surrounding woods.

In fact, his half-acre property is located in an old-growth forest. It’s a narrow plot of land, only 50 feet wide, but stretches for 500 feet. Best of all, Lawerance has access to the waterfront. He enjoys playing with his dogs there and kayaking. It’s the perfect setting for someone who craves solitude and natural beauty.

He found the land on Craigslist in a county that’s friendly to tiny homes. The Washington Tiny House Association served as a helpful resource during Lawerance’s research. Fortunately, he worked out an owner-financing arrangement to purchase the $60,000 over a three-year term.  Now it’s paid off!

Developing raw land involves much labor and expense. Lawerance applied for a government grant to put in a septic system to help cover the large expense–a huge relief! However he discovered that installing a well on his property requires drilling down almost 250 feet to get to the water aquifer here. In order to do that, it would cost $60,000. For now, Lawerance relies on water delivery and rain catchment to meet his needs.

Check out his YouTube channel, called Lawson Woods PNW, documenting the progression of his tiny house and the land development. Everything from what he’s done on the inside, like putting a wall up to redoing the kitchen, to building his pallet deck, and more.

Living in a tiny house is not for everyone, but for Lawrence, it’s the perfect way to simplify and enjoy life. His tiny house is a testament to his creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience. If you’re considering life in a tiny home, take some inspiration from Lawrence and his amazing abode. Who knows? You might just find yourself living the tiny house dream, too!

Watch his tiny house tour below!

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