Impressive German Modular Tiny Home

Impressive German Modular Tiny Home

Tiny home innovation just keeps getting more exciting! BLOXS founder Thomas brings premium German auto industry standards to tiny houses. They make high-quality modular tiny homes with smart home technology, sustainable materials, and space-efficient features. Even more impressive, their homes meet strict German building codes.

Tour their prototype German modular tiny home:

BLOXS built their 260-square-foot prototype modular tiny home in 2021. It features a welded steel frame, which is exceptionally strong and durable. But they discovered building with steel has significant downsides. For example, BLOXs saw problems with thermal bridges, especially in winter. So they invested in building physics engineers to find a solution.

Beginning in 2022, BLOXS changed to CLT, which is cross-laminated timber. It’s an environmentally friendly prefabricated, solid-engineered wood panel system. While lightweight, it’s very strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance. It’s a more expensive way to build. As a result, BLOXs prices are a bit higher than average, but all the high-end features come standard. The smallest model, now 400 square feet, starts at 150,000 Euros, and the largest models start at 300,000 Euros.

As you can see in the BLOXS prototype, top design priorities include an open, comfortable living space while being a fully-functional home and energy efficiency. They use three different heating systems, all connected to the smart home system. The central heating is electric radiant floor mats. A mini-split provides supplementary heating and cooling. But the most impressive is a computer-controlled solar air collector. It has automatic ventilation. When the sunlight hits the roof-mounted collection unit, the air in the pipes is heated up to be released inside the house as needed.

An extensive solar panel system can also be installed on the roof. The German modular tiny home has an additional green feature, electric vehicle charging. BLOXS plans to take this one step further with bidirectional charging. This means your EV can act as an external house battery. So the stored energy from the car will go back into the house again.

Because of the code-compliant nature of these modular homes, they can be placed in various areas in Germany. This bodes well for the planned expansion into the United States and Canada. BLOXS is actively looking for a North American partner to manufacture these houses. These would likely easily meet US residential building standards for modular construction. So these could be accepted in the many areas where modular housing is allowed. On their website, you can sign-up to be notified when the German modular tiny homes will be available in North America.

In the meantime, build your own BLOXS home with their 3D live-rendering technology. With their configurator, you can choose from a wide variety of finishes and furniture to get a total price. You can also move through the house for various layout views. If you do it on your smartphone, you can use augmented reality to put the BLOXS home on your land. Save and print a PDF.

Watch the tour of an epic German modular tiny home above!

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