How Tiny Homes Are Taking Over Social Media

How Tiny Homes Are Taking Over Social Media

What once started as a seemingly quirky fad in the world of real estate and development has now become a social movement that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. 

Tiny homes—they’re everywhere! 

Perhaps you first heard of them from some show on HGTV or Netflix. But now, tiny houses aren’t just an interesting fad gracing your television screens. You could easily wander into any neighborhood across the country today and find a tiny home situated among the rest of the more traditional builds. 

Or perhaps you’ve seen one attached to a trailer, making its way down the road as its owner seeks a more nomadic lifestyle. Or, maybe you’ve found your way to #tinyhouse on social media, and now your feed is filled with influencers showing off their trendy tiny homes.

The latter would make sense, as tiny houses have become a social media craze. And maybe tiny homes blowing up your FYP has led you to consider your own tiny home adventures and document them on social media. 

If so, we’ve got some tips to help you capitalize on this trend as you seek to build the tiny home of your dreams. But first, let’s take a closer look at why and how tiny houses have become such a huge phenomenon. 

The Rise of Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement technically isn’t all that new. For years now, people have been searching for ways to downsize and live more sustainably, thanks to climate change. And truthfully, even before climate change activism was widespread, people sought simpler ways of living. 

However, with sustainability now being so crucial and the cost of living continuing to skyrocket, newer generations have put their proverbial foot down and are essentially saying that enough is enough. Millennials — and now Gen Z as well — are fed up with traditional lifestyles that have led to mass consumerism and the destruction of the planet. 

These newer generations still often want the same things as previous generations, like homes and starting a family, but they want to go about getting them in a way that is better for the economy and the environment. Furthermore, despite being one of the most educated generations, millennials have been saddled with more debt and lower pay, which means they don’t have the money to buy traditional houses. 

And thus, the tiny home revolution began. Millennials were essentially the first generation to make tiny homes a thing, and now, it’s a movement that many are buying into.   

How Tiny Homes Became a Social Media Trend

So how exactly did the tiny home movement blow up on social media? 

Social media users have been documenting their tiny homes for years. But it’s only recently become a craze in part due to newer apps like TikTok that have made generating content incredibly lucrative and also in part because millennials and Gen Z are now the largest generations of consumers and social media users. 

These two generations document just about everything they do on social media, which includes their interest in tiny homes. Millennials and Gen Z are also seeking more flexible lifestyles, like living as digital nomads, which means they are even more inclined to live in tiny homes that can travel with them as they document these experiences on social media. 

Creating Your Own Buzzworthy Tiny Home

Now is the perfect time to get a tiny house. Thanks to the buzz that social media has created, specialty tiny-home builders and developers are popping up all over. 

Previously, building a tiny home and getting all the proper permits for it wasn’t as easy. But now that it has become more commonplace, there are clearer regulations and guidelines for how to build these homes and where you can place them and live in them. 

So if you don’t know where to start, try performing a simple Google search for tiny-home contractors and builders in your local area. Chances are there is already more than one business near where you live that specializes in building tiny houses. 

Many of these tiny-home builders that are popping up today offer pre-fab designs, so you can easily just pick one and go. However, if you’re looking to document your tiny home on social media, you’d be better off going with a custom design that is more trendy and unique. 

If you want to go the custom route, the best way to get ideas is to scroll social media and see what’s already trending and what others are doing with their own tiny houses. You can create a mood board and even sketch up some of your own ideas and then take that to a company that specializes in custom tiny home builds. 

Some trends that are popular today, for example, include tiny homes that are permanently built on land instead of on a trailer, tiny homes with outdoor showers, porches, and patio spaces, as well as tiny homes with luxury amenities—like fancy kitchen and bathroom upgrades. 

Marketing Your Tiny Home on Social Media

When it comes to getting your tiny home to go viral on social media, it’s all about creative content marketing. These days, you can’t just post any old video or photo and expect it to go viral. You have to really wow users with the content you post if you want to hold their attention and get them to follow, share, like, and repost. 

Start by studying what others are doing and what seems to be popular. You also want to make sure you are being honest and authentic—social media users can spot someone being fake and gimmicky today from a mile away. So while you want to capitalize on trends, it’s also important to still be yourself. 

Making use of different types of content is also key. Don’t just post the same things over and over again. Use videos, static posts, live streams, and various kinds of imagery and graphics to make your posts pop. 

And if you’re not on TikTok, you should be. TikTok is now one of the most popular social media apps and is one of the best ways to market yourself and your tiny home. While TikTok is all about making videos, you can make many different kinds of videos to keep users engaged and help your content go viral. 

To start, try making short, snappy videos that don’t require people to sit and watch for more than 30 seconds. Then, once you’ve got people’s attention, you can start playing around with longer videos. TikTok users also love before and after videos with tiny house content as well as longer videos that show the build process over a period of time. 

Following, liking, and engaging with other users who are posting about their tiny homes will also get them to follow you back, which can help you get more attention and grow your following. 

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking about building a tiny house of your own, now is the time. With the tiny home movement blowing up on social media, you can easily start documenting your experience and potentially make good money off of it as an influencer. 

However, just make sure you’re still building your tiny home for yourself. Capitalizing on trends is beneficial, but you still want to ensure you are creating a home that suits your needs and not just the aesthetic of the public eye. 

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