GrizzlyNBear: True Overlanders

GrizzlyNBear: True Overlanders

Thanks to YouTube and Instagram, the overland lifestyle has become a hot one. With expos around the world showing off expensive products and complicated rigs, overlanding can become a bit overloaded.

Overlanders travel around the world (rather than just their own country) in their rig.

Overlanding vehicle with dog
Thomas Tucker

However, there are some overlanders out there who are true to their word and really do take their rigs everywhere. Two of these overlanders are Leigh and Steph from GrizzlyNBear Overland.

The fully completed Grizzly and Bear.

GrizzlyNBear Overland rig
Photos by GrizzlyNBear Overland

This darling couple has been living in a variety of overland rigs for nearly a decade now. Their latest and beloved rig is a Land Rover Defender (Bear) and Four Wheel Camper (Grizzly) combo. The couple have traveled through Europe, Asia, parts of Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are now in South Africa.

But not without a full makeover. Both Grizzly and Bear have gotten a complete overhaul to make them lighter and more efficient on earth’s roads.

The couple documented the makeover and the South African teams that made it happen on their YouTube channel. The process included replacing the siding on their Four Wheel Camper, rebuilding the Land Rover’s bed and frame, and even putting in a new steering wheel, bullbar, and winch.

The Four Wheel Camper interior also received a full makeover in Japan.

GrizzlyNBear interior
Photos by GrizzlyNBear Overland
GrizzlyNBear interior
Photos by GrizzlyNBear Overland

Their channel also documents their overland and hiking trips through dozens of countries, tours of their tiny house on wheels, and tips on how to overland minimally and on a budget.

You can watch the entire makeover series on their YouTube channel. You can also see all their past and future adventures as they overland the world.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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