From 1 Tiny Home Community in PA to 40 nationwide!

From 1 Tiny Home Community in PA to 40 nationwide!

Abby Shank opened the Tiny Estates tiny home community in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania in 2018. Now she’s planning to develop as many as 40 tiny house communities across the USA, thanks to a deep financial fund and all of her know-how. Announcements for the first five might come as soon as the end of the year.

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Tiny Estates is of the largest tiny home communities in the US. It’s now a thriving tiny homeowner village. Though, in 2018, it began as mostly a vacation rental resort. It was a place to try out tiny living in a large array of models from various builders. But during the pandemic, as needs changed, Abby changed it to a full-time community. Residents of all ages love it there. The local city government and surrounding neighborhood also deeply appreciate it too because of how well-maintained it is.

“I think Tiny Estates has been an incredible community. Everybody has been so welcoming and open and so willing to help you out. When we were moving in, we were just, hey, everything good? You guys need anything? It’s been amazing.”

Tour the Tiny Estates tiny home community:

Now Abby and her team are hard at work to find land and get approvals for as many communities as they can nationwide. This is welcomed news as legal tiny house parking is the number one need in the industry/movement. Abby’s vision is to create affordable, beautiful tiny home villages with spacious lots.

“The goal is somewhere around 25 acres to do about a hundred sites. Ultimately, we would love to have a small pod that are rentals so that people can try it out that they can experience the community. They can really see if it’s the vibe that they’re going for, and then lots for owners to place their houses.

So the key for us, too, is making sure it can be a residence. The hope for us, I think, is more of an affordable housing community and a better option for people who want something permanent. Not that you couldn’t be transient, but I think most tiny homeowners are buying them and looking to place them and really live in them.”

Abby is currently seeking landowner partners, more investors, and interested tiny home community residents. 

Learn more here.

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