Bellingham’s Big Freedom Tiny Homes Build by Hand

Bellingham’s Big Freedom Tiny Homes Build by Hand

Handcrafted by the owner, each of these Washington homes features a unique mix of high-end finishes and personal touches in optimized spaces.

Big Freedom Tiny Homes are handcrafted in Bellingham, Washington.

Big Freedom Tiny Homes was founded and is run by Shannon Black. He began his self-taught business in Taos, New Mexico and brought it up to the Pacific Northwest. He offers several lengths of tiny homes and layouts that offer maximum living.

The homes come in 26-, 28- and 30-foot lengths.

The base model is on a 26-foot trailer and a 28-foot and 30-foot model are available. Each home contains quartz or granite countertops, spacious bathrooms, two lofts for sleeping or storage, couches with built-in storage, and RV-certified inputs for all utilities.

The homes include unique storage options…

…personal touches…

Big Freedom Tiny House living room

…double lofts…

…quality materials…

…and spacious bathrooms.

What is pretty amazing is that Black can build out one of these houses in about three to four months. During that build process, Black installs double pane windows, 45-year roofs, real wood siding inside and out, and energy-efficient 30-gallon water heaters. All this is built on an Iron Eagle Trailer from Portland, Oregon.

The homes use standard RV hookups for utilities.

Optional features such as washers and dryers, composting toilets, and skylights can also be requested.

The prices vary per features, but the 26-foot Big Freedom starts at $94,000. A 30-foot Big Freedom with loft extension is around $106,000.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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