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Their DIY Adobe Style Skoolie Tiny Home

Felicia and Jake built a DIY adobe style skoolie tiny home after the pandemic inspired them to make a significant lifestyle change. Impressively, they did it for about $35k! Their bus conversion gave them an exciting opportunity to explore new places, people, and of course, food. But leaving their hometown … Read more

5 Tiny Houses for Sale in Georgia You Can Buy Now

Ready to move into a small home in Georgia? Look no further, because one of these 5 tiny houses currently available for sale right now is sure to be perfect for you. These listings are from March 2023 Lister Tiny House Price: $67,000 Location: Ellijay, Georgia View Listing MISC: 304 … Read more

Impressive German Modular Tiny Home

Tiny home innovation just keeps getting more exciting! BLOXS founder Thomas brings premium German auto industry standards to tiny houses. They make high-quality modular tiny homes with smart home technology, sustainable materials, and space-efficient features. Even more impressive, their homes meet strict German building codes. Tour their prototype German modular … Read more

Tiny Home Frame Kits from Home Depot

One of the largest home improvement stores in the U.S. has also gone tiny. Home Depot sells and delivers tiny home frame kits directly from its website. These homes are also an affordable way to get a head start on a tiny house. The tiny homes by Home Depot come … Read more

Tiny House parked on an Island! She built it for $40k

What’s dreamier than a tiny house parked on an island? Maybe equally as charming, one parked in the Rocky Mountains. DIY builder Jillian built her home on wheels with help of friends at an elevation of 8,519 feet in Colorado. Then she took it on a road trip to Washington. After … Read more

Road-tripping in Your Mobile Tiny Home

Tiny home living isn’t just about creating a static space in your ideal environment. You also have the option of having a more dynamic and spontaneous experience. Investing in a mobile tiny home is a way to gain the advantages of a simplified existence alongside the daily chance for adventure. … Read more

Building a Beautiful Home for Only $20k with Carina Gibson

Meet Carina Gibson, a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for building and creating sustainable structures. She started building her first tiny house in 2019 with no prior experience, driven by her desire to live more minimally and mindfully. Carina aims to promote environmental activism through her creations and draws inspiration … Read more

Her Sweet Permitted Tiny House in Germany

Claudia lives in a simple, charming, and permitted tiny house dweller in Germany. She lives in the southern part of the country in a quaint village named Hopferbach. Importantly, the mayor and town council approved her home on wheels. Their only requirement was installing a sloped, red roof. So her … Read more

Advocating for Multigen Housing

The typical American dream of a couple with 2.5 children and a dog in a typical American home is fast becoming a fantasy. The real dream is making sure that that typical American home has enough room for aging parents, teens and their growing needs, renters, single mothers or fathers … Read more

How Tiny Homes Are Taking Over Social Media

What once started as a seemingly quirky fad in the world of real estate and development has now become a social movement that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.  Tiny homes—they’re everywhere!  Perhaps you first heard of them from some show on HGTV or Netflix. But now, tiny … Read more

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